Why Ali Zamani Team?

Ali’s attitude towards customers, and people in general, is a reflection of his values. Trust, integrity, loyalty, dependability, reliability, and respect are the values that he lives by, both in business, and in life. He’s worked on real estate transactions ranging from  $150,000 condos, to $5,000,000 investment properties. Regardless of the amount invested, he works with the same level of commitment and dedication in order to meet the needs of his clients.
100% Customer Satisfaction
Ali’s number one goal is to achieve and maintain a very high level of customer satisfaction. Everything that he, or his team does, is focused on achieving extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction.
Ali is a seasoned and resourceful negotiator. Before entering into any negotiations on behalf of his clients, he prepares all relevant materials and information including plans, inspections, comparable property prices, area demographics, growth trends, local and regional market forecasts, future zoning considerations, traffic patterns and any relevant information that could affect the buying or selling price. It’s only through detailed study and analysis that Ali is able to negotiate the best deal for his clients.
Buying Properties
One of Ali’s strengths, and the reason why he has so many first time buyers, is that he provides buyers with an extensive information package brimming with clear, concise information on relevant government programs, grants, tax credits, rebates, and purchasing advice. The package is designed to save you thousands of dollars in transaction costs and make the buying process as efficient as possible.
Selling Properties
Selling prices can vary greatly between similar properties. Knowing what to do to achieve the maximum sale price is extremely important. Ali provides clients with an extensive Seller’s Package designed to guide sellers on what can be done to maximize a property’s selling price. In addition, he provides in-depth property analysis and consultation on the specifics of the most cost effective “price boosting” property improvement strategies.
A Unique Marketing System
Ali has developed a unique marketing system that is different from many other agents and brokers. The system is designed to match the property to qualified and interested buyers regardless of whether they are in Vaughan, in the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada, in the USA, and even overseas. Ali maintains an extensive database of potential customers for residential, commercial or investment properties.
Educating the Customer
Ali is a big believer in educating customers with valuable real estate information tailored to their needs. He provides clients with local market reports, real estate trends, real estate tips, and investment alerts. He believes that a more informed customer can make better and quicker decisions when given the opportunity… and in the real estate business, time sensitivity is very important.
After the Sale
When the real estate transaction is completed, it is not the end of the client relationship. Ali’s philosophy is to develop clients for life, even if the next real estate transaction is 20 years from now. That’s why he meets with clients’ months after the transaction, to get feedback on his performance, and to see if all their needs are still being met.

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