Investment Services

Complete Turnkey Solutions?

We help you find the real estate investment options that best suit your personal investment goals and financial needs. Here is a brief presentation of some of the real estate investment services that we offer:

Flipping Houses for Profit

Before you begin your house flipping project, we inform you of the rules of lending in the province of Ontario to get you started on the right path. Once you are made aware of the rules, we help you find the right property at the lowest possible asking price and calculate the total estimated cost for your project (purchase expenses, carrying expenses, repair and improvement costs, selling expenses). We help you negotiate low rates on loans from lending institutions or private investors. We see you through from your purchase to the sale of the property. We provide you with reliable contacts who will handle all aspects of your investment to provide you with a hassle-free, profitable experience, whether you are a highly seasoned or first-time investor.

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Rezoning Property for Investment

Our team of experts guide our clients through the various phases involved in acquiring approval for the rezoning of property. Investors considering rezoning opportunities should be aware of certain zoning requirements and the legal aspects involved. The advice we offer our clients throughout the rezoning application process is always in accordance with city plans, policies and regulations. In order to improve the chance for approval of rezoning, we provide supporting evidence for rezoning proposals and we prepare written comments and recommendations during the formal review process. We offer you knowledgeable advice on rezoning in order to maximize your profits on your investment.

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Converting your property to Condos (Condo Conversion)

Certain property owners want to maximize the value of their property by converting sole ownership of an entire property into individually owned condominiums. In order to ensure a smooth transition from sole ownership to multiple ownerships, condo conversion projects require the support of a professional and experienced team of professionals. The experts at IR Real Estate Investment Group Inc. guide clients through every step of the condo conversion process. We have reliable, professional industry connections to make the condo conversion process a hassle-free investment for clients. For clients interested in investing in a condo conversion project, we offer consultation services, brokerage services, investment acquisition services, project management and permitting services, and sales and marketing services. When a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals is involved in all aspects of the condo conversion process, the project could yield profits of 40% to 60% for investors.

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Investor Immigration Services

Canada admits immigrants into the country on a permanent basis under the Business Immigration Program. Our team of experienced and certified immigration consultants and agents has helped many people from around the world immigrate to Canada, integrate into Canadian society, and enjoy the world-class career opportunities and the enhanced lifestyle that Canada offers. Our experience with clients from all over the world has solidified our familiarity and knowledge of the many issues that affect the immigration application process. We specialize in all aspects of the Business Immigration Program: Our services focus on immigration for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed Individuals, and Skilled Workers. At IR Real Estate Investment Group Inc., our team of professionals works hard to help clients immigrate to Canada. We offer personal and confidential services to all our clients. We inform clients of program requirements and eligibility. We prepare and submit immigration applications and supporting documentation in accordance with government rules and regulations. We offer our clients the opportunity to rehearse an interview session. We also provide additional assistance and services to our clients upon their arrival to Canada to assist with settlement and integration and to facilitate cultural adjustment.

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